Friday, 9 December 2016

Some Good supplication of Different Prophets

Some Good supplication of Different Prophets

Supplication is something which called power to change. Allah Almighty is very kind and lovable. He is actual merciful. He loves his creatures. He is the god of the universe. He is creature of the world. He sent prophets for different nations in different time. Because he thinks best for the human beings. He wants to show right and glorious part to his trouble or the times of difficulties our prophet read some supplications. these supplications are also mention in the Quran and which are very worth full for the Muslims.  They also recite for the reward. they recite it in the time of hajj and Umrah which is very use full for them. they go in hajj and umrah with cheap umrah packages 2017 which are available in every season.

There are many supplication in Quran and as well as in the Book of Hadith like

  • Our Lord! Give us something that our spouses and progeny may be a means of pleasure for us, and permit us to lead others in devoutness. 
  • Our Lord! We have trust on you, so excuse us, and have pity on us, for You are the Best of the kindhearted.'
  • My Lord! Motivate and guide me so that I may recognize You for Your favor which You have given on me and on my parents, and so that I might act virtuously in a manner that will please You; and comprise me (out of Your mercy) among Your virtuous and true servants
  •  All-Glorified You are, O God! You are unconditionally exalted above having any flaws and doing anything incorrect." All praise and thankfulness are for God, the Lord of the universe
  •  O God, complete Master of all territory! You give territory to whom You will, and take away territory from whom You will, and You promote and honor whom You will, and lower whom You will; in Your hand is all decent; surely You have full power over all.

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