Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Basic Human Rights And Islam

                         Basic Human Rights And Islam 

Islam is a religion of peace and promotes brotherhood, equality and basic human rights encompassing every field of life. In order to counter the social, economic, spiritual, political and international, domestic, internal and external challenges, and conflicts, Islam has laid down some specific and fundamental rules, rights, obligations, and duties. There are rights for parents, children, neighbors, the poor, the passerby, in fact, every other person we come across in life. These are rules laid down by the Almighty for a smooth running of the society, from the grass root to the highest level. 

These rights start from your home including your parents, siblings, and neighbors, with each one of them having their own specific importance. For example, your parents are the highest in the order whose rights involve not even a single sentence of disregard when they are in their old age, which is strictly ordered in the Quran. It’s further ordered that if the parents are alive, to show the best behavior, do whatever they say, fulfill their demands and desires and to listen to them with humility, even if they show anger or rage. Furthermore, if your parents have departed this world, again there are orders to keep praying for them so that you too be forgiven. It is a law of nature that whoever does good, gets well in return. So if you want your children to behave in a better manner with you, you should behave well with your parents. December Umrah Packages for Group is the best Umrah deal for the residents of London, United Kingdom.

It has been strictly mentioned in the hadith that one who displeases parents (father) or any one of them, displeases Allah and whoever displeases Allah can’t have any good for himself in the world and Hereafter. Similarly, there are clear rights of children, which compel us to shower sympathy and love on them, fulfill their legitimate demands. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) even used to show love to the children of the non-believers, let alone his own children. Prophet (Peace be upon him), used to show the most love to his grandchildren Hassan and Hussain (RA), who used to climb on the Prophet’s (PBUH), while he was in a position of prostration, I return the Prophet (PBUH) used to prolong his prayers. The Prophet used to say that these both (Hasnain) are my flowers, they are the leaders of the youth in paradise. 

Besides children, comes the rights of neighbors. Neighbors are a highly regarded and respected component of the Islamic society that have very strong rights. Islam stresses upon good relations with neighbors, despite their religion. Allah does not show mercy to people who are bad with their neighbors. Rights of neighbors include a provision of a loan upon request, taken care of when ill, should be assisted when asks for help, his funeral rites should be taken care of, his family should be taken care of during his absence.