Friday, 21 October 2016

Prophets In Islam And Their Purpose

Allah is the Create he know what to do and how to deal with his mankind. He sends many prophets, first was Adam and last is Prophet Muhammad (PBHU). An animated book requires a teacher to comprehend and teach its meanings. The universe is a capacity. Each creature is a verdict, a word or a letter. Reaching from the atoms to the sun, each being hides countless, precious senses behind the art, preparation, system, and design exaggerated and placed on them. What are the secrecies the universe whispers to the humankind?

What do all these beings, events, births and demises, changes in the cosmos, waste less profusion, endless abundances and deliveries mean? The maker who has created this animated book will, of sequence, send “prophets” as the teachers to read, understand; teach and explain the holy, mysterious meanings of this delightful universe to the humanity. There are many prophets in the history of Islam. Many of them are in different country. The last prophet is in Madinah. Muslims pilgrimage goes for the umrah and hajj by the Umrah packages and visits all these places. Avail the December Umrah Packages with Family by Islamic Travel UK at very affordable packages.

The Messenger of Allah is best believing in what has been exposed to him from his Lord, as do the men of confidence. Its mention in Quran: Each one of them trusts in God, His angels, His books, and His Messengers. They say: 'We make no change amid one and another of His Messengers.' And they say: 'We hear, and we obey. We seek Thy mercy, Our Lord, and to Thee is the end of all journeys.
There are some duties of the prophets. Prophets leader the humanity not only in the mystical aspect, but they were also the leaders and the educators on evolution, national and social development and artistic, profitable, agrarian and other kinds of jobs. For example, Prophet Noah is skilled in the shipbuilders.

Prophet Joseph is skilled of clockmakers and Prophet Idris is skilled of the tailors. That is to say, humanity needs clairvoyants not only for religious purposes, faith, and morality; but also for money-oriented and worldly developments. If you are going to visit prophets on earth for umrah. we have best Umrah packages. these Umrah packages with Makkah Hotels will fulfill your all desire of blessing journey.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Musab Bin Umair Great Companion Of Prophet Muhammad

Historians and storytellers describe Mus'ab ibn 'Umair (son of 'Umair) as the most delightful of the Makers, the most good-looking and young, the flower of the Quraysh! He was born and transported up in wealth, grew up with its treats, pampered by his parents, the talk of the women of Makkah, the jewel of its clubs and meetings. The youth heard one day about Muhammad the Honest sent by Allah as the carrier of willing notifications and a warner to call them to the adoration of One God.

When Makkah slumbered and woke, there was no other talk but the Prophet and his faith and this ruined boy was one of the most concentrating listeners. That was since, though he was young, the external appearance of wisdom and shared intelligence were amongst the typescripts of Musab. He lives in Makkah. When pilgrims go for and Hajj and Umrah by Umrah packages with Makkah Hotels they see their blessed places.

The pleasure nearly threw him from his seat as he was occupied with a wild ecstasy. But the Prophet (PBUH) patted his tender heart with his holy right hand, and the piece of the ocean's penetration filled his heart. In the flash of an eye, the youth who had just become Muslim appeared to have more understanding than his age and a willpower that would change the sequence of time. He lived in Makkah

Musab's mother was Khunaas Bint Maalik, and peoples feared her close to the point of terror because she influenced a strong character. When Musab developed a Muslim, he was neither careful before nor afraid of anyone on the face of the ground except his mother. Even if Makkah, with all its idols, nobles, and deserts were to trial him, he would attitude up to it. As for an argument with his mother, this was an unbearable horror, so he supposed quickly and obvious to keep his Islam clandestine until Allah wanted.

He constant too recurrent Daar Al-Arqam and take educations from the Prophet (PBUH). He was pleased with his faith and evaded the anger of his ma, who had no information on his acceptance, Islam. He was a martyr in the battle with sahaba. If you Umrah packages from London are very inexpensive are planning for haj and umrah. we are giving you our umrah packages. our umrah packages London will give you best facilities. You might consider our December Umrah Packages with Visa and Transportation and other modern provisions.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Allah Has No Image And Cannot Be Seen

Allah Has No Image And Cannot Be Seen
The unbelievable fact is that the real God is the Spirit of the Universe. God has no image, has never physically fathered a child, and this is as big as all of the universe.  This speaks to its own and it knows them while dealing harshly with all who ignore it and who are happily absorbing the religious lies and false gods. This is the time of the end and now retribution and the anger of the Spirit is being handed out to the majority who have no inkling of the truth.

This is obvious from what is happening now in the Muslim countries where the sun is Allah and worship of evil is rife. It is also happening in Europe and elsewhere with people who follow religious ideals and have no thought of the truth to turn to. Muslims performing different rituals like Umrah and hajj by Umrah package. Avail the December Umrah Packages with Family by Islamic Travel UK at very affordable packages.

My reincarnation shows how wrong they all are. There is no heaven or hell and certainly no paradise to spend eternity in. When death takes people out now they will be gone forever. This is the trap they are in (Jeremiah 11:11) and they are facing the judgment promised for this time. To get heaven, people from different corner book your Umrah Visa and perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

Every religion puts up their own version of the Divine and they all brain-wash the young into believing in it. Some have many gods and they are all derived from nature and the way men have interpreted it. While they expect to live on in some eternal destination they care nothing for the earth and creation. Animals are going extinct and global warming is a direct result of human activity.

Those who worship statues and call images of anything their gods are grossly misled and blind to the truth (Isaiah 29: 10-12). Now everyone who has lived has recently returned as shown by the massive rise in population. Of them, only a few will be given eternal life in the Spirit because they alone know the real God and are seeking the truth.

The Five Pillars Of Islam

In Islam, adoration is part of daily life and is not incomplete as mere rituals.  The formal acts of adoration are called as the 5 pillars of Islam. The 5 pillars of Islam are the declaration of faith, prayer, fasting, charity, and Hajj.

1. Statement of Faith

 The "Statement of Faith" is the statement, "La ilaha illa Allah wa Muhammad Rasul-ullah", meaning "There is no divinity worthy of being worship except God (Allah), and Muhammad is the Messenger (Prophet) of God").  The Statement of Faith is more than just a statement; this should be exposed with one's actions.  To convert to the faith of Islam, a person has to say this statement.

2.Daily Prayer

 Prayer is a method by which a Muslim attach to God and gathers spiritual strength and peace of mind. Muslims perform 5 formal prayers a day.


 A type of charity.  Muslims know that all wealth is a consecration from God, and sure responsibilities are required in return.  In Islam, this is the duty of the wealthy to support the poor or needy.  Zakat is the pillar that is very important and significant role in the life of Muslims. The Muslims from providing zakat of poor and needy people in the form of money and there are various ways that you can use such as you give book Umrah package and provide of every needy Muslims.

4.Fast of Ramadan

Once each year, Muslims are ordered to fast for a whole month from dawn to sunset.  The period of intense spiritual devotion is called as the fast of Ramadan in which no food, drink, and sex is allowable during the fast.  After sunset one can like these things.  During this month Muslims repetition self-control and emphasis on prayers and piety.  During the fast, Muslims learn to empathize with those in the universe who have little to eat.  In this month, Muslims from all over the world, perform special rituals and book your Umrah flights and perform Umrah in this holy month.

5.The Hajj Journey to Mecca

 Every Muslim struggle to make the once-in-a-lifetime holy guest to the holy sites in Mecca, in present-day Saudi Arabia.   This is the most all-pervading spiritual experience for a Muslim.  Typically, 2-3 million perform hajj every year.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Purpose Of Prayer

This is good to pray. Prayer will raise our soul, stimulate and dismiss us and make sure that we have a closer, more close relationship among God or the source of our being. Basically, prayer is communication between man and God.

As Rosicrucian will say, God exists, man also exists and there is a definite relationship between God and man. Man here means human being generally.

Although, I love to see people pray. For me, instead of praying, I favor to contemplate. I guess they are one and the same thing. I am annoying to connect prayer with work here. Christians, Moslems, mystics, atheists, pray either to God or their deity. But, now a day, members of some churches, mosques and temples spend lots of time in prayers than on their jobs. I do not think this is right. If we pray from now till thy kingdom come and abandonment to do our job, we will not be able to pay our bills.  This is the truth. God talk to us in different ways. So, when we devote few minutes or hours praying, we must also spend more time doing our job.

In the Bible says prayer without work is dead. When we do our job, we are translation service to humanity using our knowledge, skill and experience.

Prayer is one percent and hard work is hundred percent Prayer with work is decent mixture. This is where you balance the mystical with the bodily. Religion does not have a place here. Take it or leave it, you are helping to create our universe a good destination. No man or woman is completely free from greed. Everyone is always asking this question deep down, what is in this commercial, relationship, deal, education, profession, etc, for me?

But, when we pray, inspiration to do our job better will come. And when we put on the guidance from our inner self this is development all the way. Muslims from the different corner of the world perform special kinds prayer and rituals like Umrah and hajj aby booking Umrah package.

Always be Reminisce that the reward for hard work is more work and more income. Take a silence and look around you and you will notice which people who are always busy, doing their job do not have time for frivolities. When we pray hard and also do our Umrah and Hajj Flights.
job hard, terrorism, militancy, stress, strive, man's inhumanity to man will decrease.  We are told over and over again that an idle mind is a devil's workshop. This is true. So we should have offered prayer but also perform different rituals like Umrah by booking

Less time for prayer, more time for work and with an optimistic mental attitude, our universe will eventually become an improved place for all of us

Monday, 3 October 2016

Possessions That Made Prophet (PBUH) Annoyed

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the blessed man in the history of mankind. prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last messenger of Allah. History shows that he was known, to be honest, and reliable even before he established the divine spur and became the Messenger of Allah. His activities, decisions, relaying Allah’s Divine Expose, method of inviting people to the straight path and employing injunctions conventional from Allah, the Wisest, are a sign of his complete honesty, piousness, and holiness. In Quran its mention in a verse: “And Verily. for you, Muhammad (PBUH) are on a lofty standard of charm”

Possessions That Made Prophet (PBUH) Annoyed
Possessions That Made Prophet (PBUH) Annoyed
Prophet (PBUH) never got annoyed for anything particular. No matter what nonbelievers said about him, flattening any false charges against him, he would always control himself, showing no sign of overreaction. Really, he kept his cool in all circumstances. Though, if some violation of the bounds God has tidy to be observed, the Prophet (PBUH) could be very angry, and his anger presented in his face.

It's reported in books of Hadiths:
The Prophet (PBUH) selected a place where he went out at nightly to pray. Some men saw him doing that and they requested with him. They came every night to do that. One night, the Prophet did not come out to join them. They ongoing to make sounds, like little coughs, and then they raised their voices and even threw gravels at his door. He came out to them angry and said: “Look you, persons! You sustained doing what you did until I thought it might be made compulsory for you. Pray in your own home, because the best prayer a person can offer is that the proposals at home, except for obligatory devotions.

The Prophet (PBUH) might get angry at somewhat said or done by one of his companions, which suggests the defilement of God’s law. Zaid ibn Khalid reports: “A man asked the Prophet about what one might find on the road, without knowing its proprietor. What to do with it. The Prophet said to him: ‘Publicize it for a year, and then make sure to know its account and spend it. Should its owner come up, give it back to him.’ The man said: ‘What about a lost sheep?’ The Prophet (PBUH) said: ‘It fits you, your brother or the wolf.’ The man further asked: ‘What about a lost camel?’ The Prophet’s face was inflamed with anger at this question, then he said to the man: ‘What do you need with it? It has its own hoofs and drink pending its owner finds it.

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